Health, Agri-business, energy, Infrastructure & Mining,


Galile is a dependable, partner to institutions interested in providing high quality, turnkey projects and services, ensuring profitability with integrity while doing business and contributing to developing the nation(s).

Mining Exploration & investment


International Business, health, Infrastructure & energy

GALILE offers expertise in Trade, Business Management Consultancy, Trade, Commerce and Foreign Company Representation.
We help governments and institutions source and develop projects, finance, as well as reach optimal efficiency of operations.
We strive to become your all-time advising partner accompanying you through your business cycle streamlining your everyday operations, performance and needs in projects for optimal efficiency. We strive to bring your modern, state of the art services when it comes to project
implementation through our well experienced and highly capable international partners in specific fields like; Health facilities, Renewable Energy, Mining, Agriculture and other Investments.


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Galile a trusted, dependable partner to government(s) and businesses in providing and facilitating high quality projects and services in Health, Energy, Agriculture, Mining and development with utmost integrity.


Acquisition of information on best market value offers available, qualification of reliable suppliers, identification of optimal sites and ideal locations for customer’s inspection.

Gaining information on multiple supply offers of products and services, needed to buy or sell, so as to position entities‟ competitiveness in terms of pricing, credit facility and order-delivery times, prevailing in relevant markets.

Engagement in transactions with high degree of transparency while providing constant information flow about the market and cutting cost of intermediation between parties.

Our services allow business entities to establish and maintain flexible and effective synergies between customers, markets and represents a definite asset of organizations, regardless of its sector/activity and a success factor one cannot simply afford to miss out on.

In picture, North Western Agribusiness site; for Cassava and Soy beans.

About 50 km from the first Galile mining exploration site of the area.